rummy tamil movie online

story revolves around in 1980’s where Joseph , Sakthi , meenakshi all study together in a college . Joseph and sakthi were staying in college hostel and on one event they were expelled from hostel and they continue their studies as day scholars , coming from a village – the village head’s daughter was meenakshi who loves sakthi and meenakshi’s cousin sorna loves Joseph . soon the love issues came to the notice of meenakshi and sorna’s parents . Sorna’s parents are in a hurry to fix a marriage with her relative and sorna escapes with joseph on the eve of marriage . soon sorna’s parents find sorna and joseph and they kill joseph – they bring sorna back home in order to kill her – meanwhile sakthi and meenakshi were also trapped for death by her relatives , but sakthi kills them – sorna’s father tries to kill sorna but sorna retaliates , kills her father and film ends .

The film was supposed to release on 31 December 2013, but due to the presence of many big films it was postponed and released on 31st January 2014 with mixed reviews. Hindustan Times reports that Rummy makes for an engaging watch praising vijay Sethupathy’s amazing acting in this movie as he does in every other movie. One drawback is that he is not the main character in this movie and isn’t given a strong character. This movie was marketed as Vijay Sethupathy’s movie which is a movie with a great sentiment and showed him as a second hero.

even though while seeing him dead in movie,there is a big twist at the climax with him and her lover swarnam